How I feel about Coronavirus, and how I spend my time at home

So as most of you might not know, I live in Qatar, which makes me feel more than safe in dangerous situations like the spread of the coronavirus. As although there are several cases here, everything is under control. Since the government is providing our safety, like canceling some flights closing schools and universities.That’s why I’m not really scared of the virus, and other than that, I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Since i dont have school, I’m trying to fill my time and be productive instead of panicking. So I’m working on some music pieces, I’m working out, I’m writing etc…
But in fact, my school started online teaching which makes studying part of my daily plan. And I honestly dont mind taking online lessons as long as I can take my time doing my homework and I can be studying with PJs on, how cool can this be! And at the same time, it’s a really good procedure to keep up with our lessons, since first, we’re staying at home and we’ve got nothing to do and second, I know all students are happy to stay at home but we’ve also got a future ahead of us, so we have to keep in mind: THIS IS NOT A VACATION!

I’m not really going out if not necessary, but if I do, I stay away from crowded places and I keep washing my hands or using sanitizers every once in a while. Because we got to remember that our health comes first, so put hygiene on top of everything and specially in our current situation.

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