How EXPO 2020 introduced smart Trade and Logistics to the world

In the time of my coverage of Expo 2020 Dubai,  the first event in the Middle East this year, I am reflecting  an image of an international community coming together to present sustainable and innovative solutions to topics that have been identified as essential factors for the development in the coming years, namely mobility, opportunity and sustainability.

We are not facing an ordinary event, but rather an opportunity to discover the world, gain advanced scientific expertise, and watch live entertainment throughout the six months. This international civilized convergence proves the changing features of societies, as countries share their vision of the economic and scientific future, and the expectations that the whole world awaits. It is impressive how Science did not stop at the limits of progress and development. Rather, it seems that it is in the process of a fundamental change, as the scientific projects presented during this exhibition by countries and companies, most notably DP World due to its unique achievements and leapfrogging quality of the education sector in the coming years.

This logistics company is one of the largest port companies in the world that moves from factory floor to the customers’ door, the goods used by 3.5 billion people, or half of the population of our planet. From tea to smart phones to cars, and everything else… Today, DP World is also launching innovative programs to educate children and young people about supply chains and trade at the DP World Flow Pavilion. Have you wondered how the things around you get to your home? What do you think the future of education will look like? And Can you imagine that by 2040 we will be able to fight climate change?


« Let us think of a solution to protect and preserve our planet for new generations. »

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem


A tour inside the pavilion: investing in education and empowering youth for a better future

Roaming the company’s interior spaces raises the awareness of visitors, including students, about the importance of smart trade and an understanding of the interrelationship between nature and technology. Today, young people are able to understand smart trade, after it was limited only to specialists. Inside DP  World pavilion and by navigating between the four floors, Connectivity, Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility, reaching the Flow Lab, students enjoy during an interactive visit a simpler, accurate and deeper understanding of the concept of trade flow and its impact on their daily lives, and seeing the shipping movement in real time around the world.


Quizzes, puzzles, activities and fun 

Around 60,000 school students use in-house experts to experience the Flow Lab “Sustainability,” a 40-minute game that combines digital challenges to drive innovation, environmental protection and sustainable innovations. The Activities expand the students’ thinking horizons about supply chains and the flow of trade from shipping containers to final deliveries to customers where they buy goods online until it arrives at their homes within a few days.

Vamsi Putta an expert at the pavilion continues, “It is a very effective method when it comes to conveying the process of Trade flow  in view of the fact that students are on-the-ground testing the work’s sensibility through this collaborative, synergetic and communicating  game that provides them with complete information at every step, hence they perceive the perfect way to learn, interact and acquire other skills such as organization, communication, accuracy and time management.”

DP World’s Global Education Program wins the 3rd International Sustainability Award.

What is the future of education and work?

After Expo, the company’s pavilion will transform into a legacy academy where new graduates will be introduced to the field of logistics and smart trade.

The company has produced a global educational program that motivates its employees to deliver it to school groups with the aim of enhancing the confidence and aspirations of students, and building their professional skills.

This program is designed to address new curriculum taught by volunteer staff to improve the sense of concurring with their experiences with students. The Global Education Program, which has made a positive impact on the international community, contains 10 curricular units such as Mathematics, Geography, Social Studies adding Sustainability. Since its launch, more than 26,000 students globally have had the opportunity in the 40 commercial units in which DP World operates to participate …The program intends to achieve the goal of engaging youth in trade and logistics, encouraging young people to think and explore new areas such as sustainability and work in the maritime industry.


« Young people have to be curious, innovative, never give up, go out into the world and discover it, there are many exciting experiences waiting for them, they just have to follow their ambitions and desires. » Elke Koehnke


During an exclusive interview with ELKE KOHENKE, the company’s Workforce Manager said, “We have developed this program for students coming from abroad in particular to let them know what smart logistics and trade mean because many people do not yet know what these terms are related to along with  to inform them about the futuristic innovations that our company is suggesting  such as Virgin hyperloop and Cargo speed. DP World employs nearly 60,000 people in 80 countries around the world with many job opportunities for talented young people.

In a question we asked  about the future of education and work, she explained: “We hope that the education system will cooperate with work closely, so that schools and universities can prepare young people for their careers, exchange ideas and develop concepts on how to adapt theories to professional practice. In the end, everything is connected. With trade, it’s been going on for centuries, and we’re moving today from traditional trade to smart trade, that it could be our future. There’s no deterministic reality, but there is a possibility that the future is linked in the commercial and logistical field, yes! People are also likely to stop working in offices, and through their innovations they can get their own business, the world is changing like crazy. »


A zero carbon future

Young people are also learning about smarter, faster, environmentally friendly transportation, and the key to a zero carbon future “Let’s think of a solution to build a better, safer and smarter future for everyone.” We are committed to achieving net zero carbon by 2040 Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem

It is imperative to keep the present and future generation aware of the environmental risks, the most important of which are the threats of climate change to our planet.

Within the DP World pavilion, students and graduates develop awareness about the dangers of climate change, and develop their creativity through their responses with academics, experts and volunteers, to exchange experiences and perspectives related to modern scientific solutions and innovations that can reduce the risks of climate change.

The experts convey their future vision of achieving net zero carbon by 2040 and introduce students to the new methods they have developed to facilitate trade and transport, such as Virgin Hyperloop and Boxbay, which are designed to reduce pollution and road congestion and conserve time and energy. According to facts obtained by specialists within the company, they stated that Virgin Hyperloop “Passengers transportation technology”  and Cargospeed “ Good shipment modal” that move in levitating capsules through steel tubes at a supersonic speed equal to 1082 km / h, that is faster than the speed of a plane.The two technologies work with the help of a 100% magnetic system, which allows minimizing environmental damage and reducing carbon.

Personally speaking, difference makes us smarter. Who would have expected a revolutionary shift in education and in the traditional learning environment? Indeed, these expectations make us sure that the world is aware of sustainability’s gravity, and definitely is an inspiration to the next generation about the progress and successful achievements that the future holds for them in the field of science, intellectual and civilizational construction.


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